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Nepalese home garden. Credit/ Bioversity International\ B.Sthapit

Inclusive policy to ensure food and nutrition security

We work globally on policies to support small-scale farmers and agricultural biodiversity because these communities and resources are essential to food and nutrition security for all of us wherever we reside.   

The real food system: 1.5 billion small-scale farmers managing agricultural biodiversity

Small scale farmers and agricultural biodiversity are essential for the resilience and stability of agricultural production systems and our ability to adapt to climate change and other stressors. 1.5 billion small-scale farmers produce over 70 percent of the food consumed on this planet.  Without these communities and the resources they manage we will be unable nourish ourselves and the planet.


We seek to support and expand agroecology and regenerative agriculture by amplifying the voices and participation of small-scale farmers and building democratic, participatory and inclusive governance at all levels

About us

Susan H. Bragdon, Director

Susan is an International lawyer, natural resource ecologist and U.S. patent agent with 25+ years of experience working with governments, United Nations agencies, multilateral institutions, donor organizations and small-scale farmer organizations to create deliberate,  systemic institutional and policy change in support of agriculture that nourishes both people and the plane


Common bean varieties in Ecuador. Credit/ Bioversity International/J.Coronel

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Jugu, Dolakha, Nepal. Photo by Bioversity International/N. Pudasani, LI-BIRD, Dolkha

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